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Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Magazine – 10/1/2010
25 Best Nights OutThe Floor Improv Night
Picture South America’s most sultry, happening neighborhood milonga, throw in some of Hollywood’s most talented career dancers, and you get a sense of the scene during this one-of-a-kind night at King King Hollywood. Every third Monday of the month, stylish couples swarm the warehouse-like space to dance freestyle combinations of mainly tango, swing and hip-hop. A live band provides an improvised blend of jazz, funk, Latin and Afro beat.
– Sara Wilson
Salsa Hook – 1/19/2010

The Floor Improv Night is a live jam session with musicians and dancers of all genres. Carolina Cerisola and Sascha Escandon have successfully created an event night that, as their goal was in creating it, fills a void in Los Angeles, CA.

Los Angeles and Hollywood are cities that hold some of the most incredible talent in music and dance. This event gives those talented individuals the opportunity to come play, dance and enjoy themselves freely and expressively. Everything seems so well organized, and yet not, as it has so much going on due to all the talent that attends. The environment gives everyone the opportunity to have an input, without rules, or egos.
The venue itself, King King in Hollywood, seems perfect for the type of event that this is. The lights, the sound, the stage set-up, dance area, and all its attributes make it seem almost a magical production. The Floor Improv Night has grown tremendously since the time when it was started and a lot of growth and success seems to be coming in the future.
-Milton Rodas
944 magazine 944 Magazine
Top 9
Secret Things to do After-Hours
#1 The Floor ImprovOnce a month on a Monday, the Floor Productions organizes a night at the King King club, where the best professional dancers and musicians in the city show up to let loose and make music. Nothing is choreographed or planned – people just get up and dance with each other as others jam on the piano. Everyone is welcome to join in, but be prepared to be wowed by the most talented hip-hop dancers, salsa dancers and jazz sax players, all improvising in the same circle, bouncing moves off one another.
-Tamara Kagel

10 comments to The Word

  • Lia

    It’s actually about dancing and not hook up night!

  • I love the give and take at THE FLOOR. The connection between the dancers and the musicians . . . the free flow of creative energy and the joyful sharing of every possible genre of dance from Tap to Capoeira to Swing to Salsa to Flamenco and on and on . . . It’s always a happy vibe . . . NEVER a snobby or clique vibe . . . and EVERYBODY dances . . . it’s almost impossible not to! Great Bartenders too! It’s sheer genius and extraordinary that it remains the same even as its popularity and fame increases. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for making THE FLOOR possible!

    • thefloorproductions1

      Hi Helen!
      Thank you so much for your great comment!!
      You have won 2 tickets for THE FLOOR tonight!!

      You don’t have to wait in line, just tell them your one of the website winners, give them your first and last name and go right in!!
      Look forward to having you there tonight!

      Sascha and Carolina

  • Bill

    Great event last night. Do you know if the pictures from the photographer are published anywhere?


  • muriel blevec

    I love the high ceilings of King-King, the wherehouse effect, the psychedelic lighting, the extraordinary people, the fluid dancers, the hot musicians…. that combined overall energy is so intoxicatingly addicting! I look forward to the event every month. It is a place where you can let go of all your worries and just unite with the world in music! the floor is a “perfect storm” energy!

    • thefloorproductions1

      Hi Muriel!!
      Thank you so much for your great comment!!
      You have won 2 tickets for THE FLOOR tonight!!

      You don’t have to wait in line, just tell them your one of the website winners, give them your first and last name and go right in!!
      Look forward to having you there tonight!

      Sascha and Carolina

  • I really miss floor dancing back in the club in NYC. We roam each floor that inorporated each style of dancing from, Jamaican, Asian, breakdance, hip-hop,etc. So seeing this being brought to the forefront for my 12y/o to enjoy is very uplifting and ispirational. It gives our young generation a chance to re-visit our days when dancing was a way of connecting…..Yes!!!

  • My recent review posted on PartyEarth Los Angeles:

    After recently moving back down to LA, I decided I was a bit overdue for releasing some pent up dance energy. I heard about THE FLOOR improv dance night at King King, and it was DEFINITELY the time and place to do just that. Cover was $12, but a portion goes to THE FLOOR’s new non-profit, OPEN FLOOR SOCIETY.

    The club isn’t overwhelmingly big (I might even say the single room, brick, almost warehouse-esque space was surprisingly small), but the vibe, the crowd, and the music were just right. Think throw backs to classic hip hop songs mixed with the perfect beats to dance to, people from every walk of life, and everyone smiling and having a blast. Dance circles open up on the packed dance floor every now and then, and folks take their turns getting really down.

    All sorts of styles are not only accepted, but encouraged (as one can tell for the mass amounts of cheering that arise in support the variety of solo- or pair- improv dancers). If you’re looking for a good time, with solid drinks, great beats, and a really fun crowd, this is something to absolutely check out.

    • thefloorproductions1

      Thank you so much, not only for your review, but also sharing it with us! We are so glad that you enjoyed yourself – that’s the whole point!
      We give away 2 tickets each month for the best posts on someone’s FLOOR “experience.” So, this month they will go to you!

      Thank you so very much and we look forward to seeing you this month!

      Sascha Escandon & Carolina Cerisola

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