Banding together to create this partnership company, our mission as Floor Productions is to passionately showcase and promote authentic top-notch musicians and dancers in a live atmosphere share with others what we’ve both been so lucky to experience through our own lives.

Often, we are so overloaded with the distractions and constant demands of our daily lives, we feel there is no time for soul-fulfilling freedom. So, with a bit of a selfish need to fill our own souls, we decided to start our venture right here at home, knowing first-hand how much talent this city of Los Angeles holds and welcomes.

We set out to conceive creative and accessible platforms to unite the varied artists in this city with the general public in an integrated atmosphere where the artists can pour their hearts out and leave audiences with palpable experiences. A rejuvenating, give-and-take relationship for everyone involved!

Whether it’s through “THE FLOOR Improv Night,” an evening dedicated to the magic of improvisation between musicians and dancers, or taking our audience through a world of genres in “THE SHOW,” immersing them in passionate, visceral vignettes of live music and dance that emerge from every corner of the space, or making these cultural arts accessible to disadvantaged youth through our 501 c(3) non-profit organization, “OPEN FLOOR SOCIETY,” Floor Productions ambition is to leave both the crowd and the artists, inspired and transcended in every moment we put forward.

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