Our first endeavor was “THE FLOOR Improv Night” on July 20th, 2008 at the King King, in the very heart of Hollywood. It was a “one-off” experiment to bring dancers AND musicians of all genres into one room and experience what naturally unfolds when they come together for an improvised jam session.

We invited our friends from both the dance and music communities, plus new artists that we met, to play, dance and enjoy themselves freely through expression, with the hopes that we’d all experience something truly organic, magical and completely in the moment. We wanted THE FLOOR to be an environment conducive to expression without rules or egos, just all of us creating a roller-coaster ride with one another.

At the end of that night, we discovered we had something utterly unique.

We continued “THE FLOOR Improv Night” as a monthly Monday night residency at the King King and within a few months we tripled in size thanks to the word-of-mouth wildfire promotion from our attendees. The concept of the night quickly attracted seasoned musicians and the industry’s best dancers and choreographers, including those from Dancing With The Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Best Dance Crew, America’s Got Talent and LXD-Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (2009 Academy Awards). Celebrities and artists also enjoyed the spectacles at THE FLOOR. Our guests have included Sting, Chris Botti, Craig Robinson, Baz Luhrman, Daniel Lanois, Adam Levine, Raphael Saadiq, Cedric the Entertainer, Tony Okungbowa, John Lee Miller, Chiwetel Ejiofer, Topher Grace, Kenna, Wil-Dog, John Norwood Fisher, Warren Sapp, and more.

As we witnessed this diverse crowd that continually evolved month to month, in an atmosphere that always offered a full-plate of raw and tangible energy, ebbing and flowing between a multitude of music and dance genres, we were prompted by King King owner, Mario Melendez, to take it to the next level – “THE SHOW.”

While putting the production together, we realized that broadening our audience in this way required us to walk a fine line between offering a polished, accessible show to a “theater-going” audience while maintaining that raw energy and interactive nature we were witness to at THE FLOOR. It was a challenge we whole-heartedly welcomed!

On October 13th, 2009, we successfully produced and premiered “THE SHOW” at the King King. It’s 4 week run immersed the audience into an exhibit of live original music, highlighted by impromptu-like dance vignettes that popped up in unexpected areas throughout the venue, performed by amazingly talented dancers, musicians, singers and MC’s, doing what they do best.

The variety of genres in “THE SHOW” exposed our audience to a multitude of cultures in an intimate atmosphere that is not often experienced in a single production or venue. The dynamic structure of the show, entwined with “real deal” artists, enable the passion and energy in each performance to be directly shared with the audience, creating a unified, palpable excitement that leaves everyone wanting more!

Going into our 5th run, “THE SHOW” continues to be a highly anticipated annual production by both audiences and participating artists.
And “THE FLOOR Improv Night”, going into its fifth year, continues to be a monthly Los Angeles feature favorite, often referred to as “church” by attending artists and fans.

From these successes, we are enthusiastically planning the growth of both “THE FLOOR Improv Night” and “THE SHOW” into more residencies and tours across the nation and internationally, in conjunction with our 501 c(3) non-profit, OPEN FLOOR SOCIETY, which will offer underserved youth accessibility to the performing arts in multiple genres with an emphasis on improvisation through our network of artists.

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