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Since 2008, professional dancers Carolina Cerisola and Sascha Escandon, joined forces to make their creative ideas and dreams come to life. Inspired by their circle of friends in L.A.’s dance and artistic communities, Carolina and Sascha created Floor Productions – a passion-driven enterprise that fosters creative expression in movement and music.

With events that include the not-to-be-missed monthly FLOOR Improv Night, and the annual production THE FLOOR SHOW, Floor Productions builds an all-inclusive, supportive community comprised of performers, supporters, fans and friends. With the newly formed 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit, THE OPEN FLOOR SOCIETY, Sascha and Carolina aim to expand the community further with outreach to underserved youth by sharing the joy of expression through dance, music and improvisation with engaging classes and mentorship programs.

Carolina Cerisola, originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, began her professional dance career as a teen by touring around the world with Venezuelan singer/actor “El Puma” and later as an International Salsa Champion. When she arrived in the United States, her unique style quickly captivated many fans, and she garnered a loyal following from both her peers and audiences. As word of her talent continued to spread, Carolina soon found herself headlining at then hot-spot, Forty-Deuce -– one of the first Burlesque Cabarets in Hollywood. When she stepped out onto the stage, her talent commanded the attention of crowds that often included artists whom she has since shared the stage and screen with, including Sting, Daniel Lanois, Justin Timberlake, Prince, Heath Ledger and a recurring feature on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Carolina still retains a local and international following and is currently appearing as a featured dancer in CEE LO’s new show, “Loberace” at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas.

Sascha Escandon is a native to Los Angeles and began her dance career as a child training with the Joffrey Ballet and with many L.A. based choreographers, mainly Marguerite Derricks (Austin Powers). At 17, Sascha put dance on pause to pursue a college education, and earned a B.S. in Animation from Woodbury University. She soon returned to dance after graduating, and traveled the world as a salsa dancer/performer/choreographer in two of the most renowned L.A. Salsa dance companies, Los Rumberos and Salsa Brava. Sascha started her professional career with a Post-Production Coordinator position at MTV Networks where she simultaneously worked on multiple reality shows like The Osbournes, Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica, Carmen & Dave and many more. After spending 5 years at the network, Sascha decided to combine both her production and personal dance experience by way of Floor Productions with partner Carolina. She now applies her performance and production experiences to co-create nights like THE FLOOR and THE SHOW, but also to help create and coordinate additional creative entertainment like their doowop, motown, and soul night, FRIDAY KIND of LOVE, and their casual Latin music night, ELLOS Y ELLAS.

With FLOOR PRODUCTIONS, Carolina and Sascha unite their industry experiences of over 20 years along with their passion for live entertainment so they can share with audiences high-quality productions with top-notch, “real-deal” musicians, dancers and artists.
Their mutual respect for and from artists, their understanding and execution of high production value, plus their intuition on how to translate all of that to audiences in an immersive, visceral and entertaining way, have made it obvious that Carolina and Sascha know offer unique entertainment experiences and are important elements to their growing success and reputation.

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