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Every cast of “THE SHOW” is what we proudly like to call “the real deal!” Their life-long dedication and passion for their craft becomes completely tangible to our audiences and it’s what we absolutely love sharing with all of them. This year’s 43 members are no different – they are absolutely incredible!

The Musicians:  Our beloved musical director, Carlos Rodgarman (Juan Gabriel, La India, Christopher Young) has composed all original music for “THE SHOW” and leads our 8-piece all-star band whose combined resumes include Stevie Wonder, American Idol, Christina Aguilera, George Lopez Tonight Show, Jordin Sparks, Andy Garcia’s CineSon All-Stars and more!
We also had the honor to showcase additional musical performers, like Latin Grammy-nominated female mariachi, Trio Ellas, opera tenor, Carlos De Antonis, 5-piece a cappella group, The Dukes of DooWop, MC’s KG Superstar DJ UnieQ and Paris Paul of the Club Bullies, and the voices of three very popular L.A. based singers, Lyndsay Haldorson, Quetzal Guerrero and Mela Lee of Magnolia Memoir, plus NY jazz singer, Eliki Kogiones.
Past years of our production have included Andrea Brook with the Earth Harp, (as seen on America’s Got Talent), plus established Flamenco musicians, Joey Heredia, Kai Narezo, and Walter Molina as well as Mexican Ranchera singer, Rocio Mendoza.

The Dancers:  Each dancer’s specialty have made them recognized and respected in their own communities along with becoming world traveling representatives. We have been lucky to share with our audiences true artists in Tap, Samba, Ballet, Cabaret, Capoeira, Poppin’, Breakin’, Flamenco, Swing, Tango, Afro-Contemporary, Salsa, and Ballroom. Their talents are continually featured in a large variety of movies, commercials, music videos and TV shows like Dancing with the Stars and the Academy Awards as well as live performances with Madonna, Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Pink and Broadway’s “Fela!” just to name a few.

The Producers & The Setting:  Sascha Escandon and Carolina Cerisola as Floor Productions, are the Creators and Directors of “THE SHOW” and proudly Co-Produce with Mario Melendez. Mario has been a major proponent of Los Angeles’ arts culture and has provided the perfectly unique and dynamic setting for “THE SHOW” in his venue, King King, located in the center of Hollywood on Hollywood Blvd.
The beauty of “THE SHOW” is that we’ve designed it to be modular in format.  So no matter what city we are in, every production is different according to the participating performers. We include local artists combined with guest visiting artists, which creates a different flavor, different vibe in each city making for an always evolving, ever-interesting event! Even when the varieties of genres change from production to production, the constants of quality and passion each performer brings to “THE SHOW,” remain.


“THE FLOOR Improv Night” is a one-of-a-kind night where dancers and musicians of all kinds come together for a live, improvised jam-sesion, creating undeniable energy and unforgettable experiences!

The Musicians:  We like to call Walter Davis our musical pied-piper of the night. Walter seamlessly leads our regular and guest musicians through a weave of genres. His real gift is his awareness of the talent and audience in the house on any given night and really connecting with them and what inspires them most to spark their own creativity. It’s not rare to see Walter join the dancers in the middle of the crowd, luring a participant to join a creative conversation between musician and dancer.

Walter is joined by a great core of musicians that keep the night twisting and turning, including his main support, energetic drummer Asa Watkins. We’ve enjoyed the various talents of guest musicians ranging from local industry professionals to celebrity guests like Craig Robinson, Raphael Saadiq, John Norwood Fisher, members from Earth, Wind & Fire, Ozomatli, War and many more!

The Dancers:  “THE FLOOR” has become a creative playground for the industry’s professional dancers. It’s a place where not only can they let loose and express themselves freely, but also a place where they can meet and share with artists from other genres, gaining exposure, respect and inspiration from one another. We’ve had dancers that have been seen on every stage and every televised dance-based program in existence, including Madonna, Lady Gaga, Pink, Cirque Du Soleil, Usher, Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Best Dance Crew, LXD and even more.

In addition to all the talent that walks through our doors, “THE FLOOR” is still a place for everyone, artists and non-artists, to come together and experience an organic, creatively charged energy that is one-of-a-kind. Our goal was to pull from the reaches of this expanse city and intermingle worlds that you wouldn’t otherwise see in one place, allowing everyone to witness and experience the chemistry that erupts when you combine these incredible elements.

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